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About Us

The Lone Designer’s founder, Brad Sherman, is a graphic design, print production and digital expert with over 20 years of experience. His rare combination of traditional print design and print production skills, plus an extraordinary knowledge of cutting-edge digital technology lend to efficient production and consistent satisfaction in both print and on the web. Brad’s depth of knowledge about digital publishing helps clients turn static design into interactive sales tools.

Although based in Greenville, South Carolina, we design, brand, build websites, and produce creative print design for clients literally all over the globe. (Not Australia or Antarctica, but that’s about it.)That’s the beauty of living in a digital world!
Whether you’re a start-up company needing a logo, a small company needing help with branding and overall messaging or you’re a large corporation needing help setting up an online prototype of your new POS system, we’ve done the whole gamut.

You can be sure we have your company’s best interests in mind as we collaborate on your project. Whether you begin with a detailed image of your final project or start with a blank page, The Lone Designer’s team will come alongside to accomplish your goals.

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