About the Designer – Brad Sherman

photoI’ve designed and strategized for clients both large and small for the past 14 years and loved (pretty much) every minute.I’m based in Greenville, SC but that hasn’t limited my client base which varies anywhere from local individuals and small companies to marketing and advertising agencies nationwide.

As your designer, you’ll find that I’m more than willing to share my thoughts and give sound reasoning for the way I designed any given concept. However, you certainly won’t find any super ego that gets in the way of your project’s success. I am glad to work solo or alongside you to accomplish each projects’ objectives.

Contact me today to see how we can get started or simply discuss your next project.

Contact Info
Phone: 864.561.8508
Email: brad@thelonedesigner.com
Address: PO Box 4083, Greenville, SC 29608

My Background

I completed my BFA in 1998 from Bob Jones University’s Graphic Media Department and soon after graduating, joined the BJU Press working for special projects as a graphic designer. While at BJU Press, I further grew my career with a promotion to managing clients and assisting in the development of advertising campaigns.

In 1999, I was recruited by a design firm based in Saline, MI to become Art Director and eventually manage the firm’s clients that were based in the Greenville area. Two years later, I was relocated to Saline, MI to run the operations of that company. I continued to expand on my creative talents while improving my leadership abilities, managing and directing employees as well as being responsible for customer relationships. I’ve worked with clients such as Domino’s, Davco Manufacturing, Truck-Lite, Children’s Orchard and Beaner’s Gourmet Coffee to name a few.

In 2006, I joined NexTech Marketing, a performance-driven marketing firm which specialized in the measurement of ROI in client campaigns. In 2008, NexTech Marketing and At Large Marketing made a strategic merger to form Sherpa Brand Marketing, where I served as Creative Director and used both my creative skill sets in print and media development as well as my project management capabilities to develop strategy and creative direction for anything from corporate identity to complete cross-media campaigns.

In July 2012, I finally decided to make the plunge to go full time as The Lone Designer (which has been my freelance outlet since 2005). My clients vary from individuals to corporate clients and marketing/advertising agencies both locally and nationally.